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2018.8.4 day Arca campus Seminar


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At 16:30 p.m., our host, Mr. Jingjing, gave a brief introduction to the lecture.

Then the expert Zhang Nan explained to the parents the definition of right brain potential development and the difference between left brain and right brain. Mr. Zhang Nan also played an active role in the game. Later, Zhang Nan showed an amazing ability of persistent memory, easily reciting the PI after 600. You can't match the speed of the projector with the speed of recitation by teacher Zhang Nan.

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In addition, miss Zhang Nan also displayed shorthand skills. By the scene parents randomly report 60 numbers, parents report the number, the small blackboard written the number, Xie Nan immediately remembered, and recited like a stream!

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Finally, Mr. Zhang Nan made a killing trick. Within five minutes, five random children were asked to remember 20 phrases. When the children recited the phrases accurately, the parents praised them all.

At the end of the activity, our founder, Professor Yu Bo, made a brief summary with us: If you want your child to get good grades more easily in the future, don't hesitate to choose the right brain potential development for him from his childhood.

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