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Advantages of YuBoBaby Why do we choose YuBoBaby International Early Education Center?
YuBoBaby Factory Jinbao Campus is directly under the headquarters. It is the only professional organization specializing in early childhood education tailored for babies in Nanjing. It has provided thousands of babies and families with the highest quality early childhood education services in China, and has been praised by members'families.
1. major
Originated from Italy, formally established in Hong Kong, focusing on 0-6 years old infant early childhood education, 2-12 years old children potential development for 12 years!
Come to the World Expo Park, we will help you solve many childcare problems and problems, cultivate healthy, confident, happy, competitive, creative baby! Responsible for every baby is the mission of every teacher in YuBoBaby.
Educate a child: help to enter the children of YuBoBaby! Change a family: help to enter the family of Yu Bo Garden! Achievement of a nation: national rejuvenation, we have responsibilities!
Diversity of the park's parents to grow up classroom, theme activities, salon, so that each parent into the park to do their best, set a better example! Let growth come from the World Expo every day.
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customer service hot:025-57797796
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