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Ten years of grinding a sword
YuBoBaby began to focus its efforts on brand operation, management, teacher training and training in China. The industry's first platform-based early childhood education company, is also the largest early childhood education service platform in China, its innovation, research and development capabilities, operational landing has been leading the early childhood education industry, 10 years as a day.
The park has provided professional and quality early education development and services to over 3000000 families in China, benefiting more than 100000 children. Tens of thousands of children in self-confidence, health, happy personality and habits in the development of help, for a harmonious family, society to contribute to the sustained strength.
From Montessor (occupation: Doctor). After more than 100 years of development and verification, it has benefitted tens of millions of families in developed western countries, from the birthplace to the world!
YuBoBaby independent brand: Yubo Garden (registered trademark) by the "International Association for Early Education Research" as "3A + institutions", "professional early education demonstration base", "professional early education development base", "international early education quality brand" and many other honors!
The next 5 years
YuBoBaby has provided more than 2200 + early childhood education brands and institutions in China with teachers, training, management and operation services and advisory accompanying growth, so that more and more early childhood education institutions from non-professional to professional, from professional to more professional, professional early childhood education, YuBoBaby has been intent! Widely known as the "Whampoa military academy" in the early education circle.
Life is endless, struggle is not only the belief of Yu Bo Yuan people. It is our mission and responsibility to create more bright lights for more early education investors and practitioners. The World Expo Park has set sail: the new park opened; the old park opened, as long as you want to do professional early childhood education, profitable early childhood education, we have been around you! In the next 5 years, 200 billion early education market will be shared with Yu Bo Yuan. Where will you be in the future?
Successful listing in the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Enterprise Code: 669509) marks the Yubo Park early childhood education industry is favored by the capital market, the same year was rated as "China's top ten brands of early childhood education", Nanjing has opened two direct camps.
The formal establishment of the YuBoBaby (Shenzhen) Branch marks the beginning of the expansion of the core business of the Yubo Garden. The precipitation and accumulation of the past decade has provided a strong nuclear power for the development of today's YuBoBaby, and has become an example and benchmark of the entire early education industry.
With the time of one and a half months, it is the most powerful evidence to add 60 members to the Expo.
The first industry has been precipitated for over ten years, professionalism, focus and authority. National franchise fee: 400-999-7687
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