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Brief introduction of YuBoBaby                                                                                                                                                                ——  

     Yuboyuan Early Education Center is an international leading brand of early education. It has been awarded as the demonstration base and demonstration garden by the International Association for Early Education Research. It has more than 600 alliance gardens all over the country, covering more than 70 large, medium and small cities in China.

     The World Expo Center for Early Childhood Education is a high-end brand of Baole International (Hong Kong) Education Group. It is a member of the International Association for Early Childhood Education and Research. It originates from Italy and adopts the Montessori Education Law, which is popular throughout Western Europe, to escort babies at the beginning.

     Jinbao Campus of YuBoBaby Early Childhood Education Center is directly under the headquarters. It provides high-end entertainment and early childhood education services for 0-6 year-old babies. It is the only professional organization specializing in early childhood education tailored for babies in Nanjing. It has provided the highest quality early childhood education services in China for thousands of babies and families in large factories and received one from member babies'families. Good praise.

     Come to the Yubo Garden Early Childhood Education Center, we will help you solve many childcare problems and problems, cultivate healthy, confident, happy, competitive, creative baby! Responsible for every baby is the mission of every teacher in YuBoBaby.

      The first step of the baby's growth is the early education center of YuBoBaby.


By making a lot of fake things, we realize that the truth of cheap goods is not good.

What do you think? Do you want to spend too much time on the long term because you don't pay much attention to quality? Similarly, will the early education center choose cheap or good quality?

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